What we now know from research is that we all dream. However we don’t all remember our dreams or know how to interpret them if we do. There are techniques to assist in remembering dreams. We know that our dreams come in the service of health and wholeness. And dreams never come to tell us something that we already know, but instead come to show us something we are not seeing or fully recognizing.

Nancy offers Dream work throughout the year, individually as well as in the context of group. She is a graduate of Haden Institute where she completed the Certified Dream Group Leadership program. Her program of study was built out of Christian Mysticism and Jungian Psychology. The principles are useful in understanding one’s dreams regardless of one’s spiritual orientation. All groups follow the Haden method, which allows for members to gain meaning from dreams regardless of if they are working with their own dream or someone else’s in the group. Further information on the process can be found on the Haden Institute website at http://hadeninstitute.com.

Nancy welcomes the opportunity to talk or provide a training for you or any interested groups.


Sandtray work is a creative process of transforming information and guidance from one’s unconscious to one’s conscious awareness. It is a meditative process of building a world/picture in the sand with images provided by Nancy in her Sandtray collection. The collection includes over 500 images that are used by participants as representations of various parts of one’s conscious and unconscious life. (See video above for more information.) During this process; information, guidance and affirmation are brought forth from images, story and relationship.

Nancy began studying transformational Sandtray work in the 1980’s with Dr. Gisela DeDomenico and follows her methods/theory to help people discover direction and meaning in their spiritual practice and life. (See Vision Quest into Symbolic Reality for more information about this process, http://vision-quest.us). This spiritual tool is not unique to any one belief system. Participants may define this "place of knowing" in any tradition that is comfortable for them. It is the deep place in each of us that touches the Divine. Some call it the Psyche, others the Self, others God and others the Holy Spirit Within.

Sandtray sessions are by appointment only. Call 336-816-3056 to see the collection, schedule an appointment, or hear more about the process. Informational talks to groups are available and best done on site so that the collection can be viewed and demonstrations conducted.